About Pianobase

Our Mission

To create an opportunity for the young and the young at heart, to enrich their lives through exploring, creating and experiencing the pleasure of music in a stimulating and enjoyable environment.
Whether you are a beginner or you’ve had prior experience we will take you on an exciting musical journey full of fun and have music become a life long friend.
Music is universal! Through playing the piano, every student will explore the musical stories of others and also discover how they too can express themselves.
We want to inspire students to be creative, build confidence and create social connections.
Music is an expression of oneself!

Marie Offenburg – Founding Member

Marie Offenburg – (Woodlands Studio)

I am a piano teacher based in the Woodlands/Doubleview area. My passion and love for music has always been a part of me, but it was not until my daughter commenced piano lessons that I embarked on this journey of learning and became a teacher. I have been teaching for 16 years and over the last 6 years, I, along with a colleague, Adrie Schoonens, have developed a unique playing and reading programme that is presented in a logical and easy to learn manner. Students are empowered to greater success and learn at a greater rate because of the logic behind the layering of the reading into the music that is played in our structured lessons. The lessons become enjoyable and fun because students achieve quicker results, allowing them to move on to their own choice of songs whilst learning the theory behind the music they are playing. My aim is to bring a love and understanding of music to everyone

Tess Offenburg – (Woodlands Studio)

My love for music started from my very first piano lesson at the age of 7 years. Since then, my passion have grown and I share this love of teaching from my mother. My students continue to inspire me in my teaching. I am teaching piano  from our studio based in Woodlands on Thursdays and Fridays, whilst I am completing my degree at university.

Tess Offenburg